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 Juwaan Carter (Top Left) The Co-Creator and Owner of GeekVibes Nation.

Dane (Top Center ) The Heart and soul of Geekvibes Nation and the other Co-Creator.

Joel Jimenez (Top Right) Meet our News specialist Joel Breaksdown all things news and scoops.

Caitlin Elam: (Bottom Left) Our fun loving, free spirited Host to Geekvibes Live and one of our many great and experienced writers. 

Nick Smith(Bottom Center) Nick is our amazingly talented writer/blogger who will not only educate you but inform you on all the latest stories.

Cainan Myracle(Bottom Right): Our social Media specialist who not only brings in our followers but creates fun new ways to entertain them.

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Geekvibes Live is our Weekly Radio show that airs every saturday night at 8pm est. Where we breakdown the latest in Comicbook and movie news, and engage in great dicussions in the superhero movie/tv universe. We also Have a radioshow for wrestling called Wrestling Geek Aliance that airs every Wednesday night at 8pm est. We are the best Talk Radio station/ Online Podcast That gives you the best content on the internet. We are the best podcasts out there.

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Whether it's conducting interviews with the show runner of Luke Cage, a Star from Gotham or even the creator of Bat in the sun, we have become a mogul in the media universe. We cover conventions, conduct movie reviews  and deliver the latest and greatest from our News reporting to our Radio shows.  Come join the most geek friendly community where you will be free of judgement and will have fun with our Geek loving Family. 

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